Dust Collectors – Imperial Systems


High Performance Dust & Fume Collectors

Applications including plasma cutting, welding fumes, laser cutting, machining, grinding, grain and seed, woodworking, manufacturing, lumber, and sawmills.

CMAXX Dust and Fume Collectors

  • Heavy duty construction, extra durable doors and latches, industrial powder coat finish.
  • Weather resistant domed roof.
  • Lift rails for easy and safe filter changes.
  • External bolt holes eliminated to prevent rust and leaks.
  • Vertical filters for improved function.
  • Angled inlet baffles to protect filters.
  • Explosion Isolation Valves, Spark Traps, Rhino Drum.
  • DeltaMAXX Prime Cartridge Filters.
  • CMAXX Spot Filter System: Highly compact, localized filter system designed to handle high airflow and bulk solids.
  • CMAXX Dust Pig: Self contained, portable, truck and trailer mountable dust collectors.

Shadow Compact Fume Extractor

  • Compact footprint, fully assembled, plug and play design. Pre-wired control panel.
  • Welding fume and laser fume extraction.
  • Ideally suited for robotic weld cells, enclosures, hoods, and down draft tables.
  • Sprinkler head option available for high sparking applications.
  • Remote start capable.
  • Easy access panels.
  • Multi-directional inlet.

BRF Baghouse Dust Collector

  • Reverse air and medium pressure options.
  • High efficiency cleaning mechanisms.
  • Heavy duty construction, powder coat finish.
  • Direct drive, minimal maintenance. Tool free filter change-out.
  • Plant compressed air not required.
  • Inlet baffles, perforated cone.
  • Customizable.


  • Used in a variety of industries to remove large and heavy particles.
  • No filters or motors, minimal maintenance
  • Excellent pre-filter before fine dust collection.
  • Options available up to 70,000 CFM.
  • Customizable. Multiple inlets and backdraft dampers. Specialized linings.
  • High temperature construction options.
  • Multi-clone models.