Clients We’ve

We are privileged and honored to work with these great clients listed below, as well as many more. Aerotek Equipment has executed and supplied products, equipment, services and support for range of projects, from small fan replacement to large engineered solutions.

Below are a few of the recent projects Aerotek has supplied custom fan solutions for.

Clients We Serve

Thank you to our clients


Suncor – Fort Hills Oil Sands

Various swing out style roof exhaust fans with stacks, centrifugal blowers and wall mounted supply and exhaust fans for process buildings.


North West Redwater – Sturgeon Refinery

Wall mounted supply and exhaust fans for process buildings. Complete with sleeves, dampers and hoods.

Shell Canada – Quest Carbon Capture and Storage Project

48” wall supply and roof exhaust fans with hoods and 24” roof exhaust fans with windband dampers. All fans complete with IEEE motors and actuated dampers.

Thermo Engineering – Dragon Oil Turkmenistan

15” centrifugal blowers with Zone 1 IIB T4 explosion proof motors for direct fired heater purging.

University of Alberta – Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences

22” lab exhaust fans with 316 stainless steel contacting components